Contact information

Mailing list: albatross-hallitus[at]lists.tuni.fi

Through the mailing list you can send questions and suggestions about the club and its activities to the board of Albatross.


To become a member of Albatross, please email your address to albatros[at]listmail.tut.fi. Membership can also be announced to a board members face to face. The subscription fee is 3€ and is paid into account IBAN: FI37 7997 7995 4764 75, BIC: HOLVFIHH.


Albatross has a clubroom in the basement of Sähkötalo. You can find our clubroom SA030 by going down the red staircase next to Skilta (The Guild of Electrical Engineering). Do a U-turn to the right and walk a couple of meters. You will find the clubroom on the right side of the hallway, right behind the staircase.

At the clubroom you can build model airplanes and fly on our flight simulator. The simulator has a powerful PC, a 24″ screen, a HOTAS (joystick and throttle) and rudder pedals. The simulators are IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 with a bunch of mods and Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

The purpose of Albatross is:

  1. To connect tech students who are into aviation.
  2. To provoke and maintain aviation as a hobby within the tech student community.
  3. To represent aviation within Student Union in various contexts.

What this means in practise?

Model airplanes

If you are a fan of flying things but don’t feel a need to haul yourself into the skies, model airplanes are for you. Our clubroom has a ventilated room for model airplane building. It can even be used for the messier parts of the build, such as painting.

Aviation related trips

There’s all kinds of aviation related things to see in Finland, such as aviation museums and flight shows. Albatross strives to arrange excursions to various destinations nearby and maybe a little further away as well. Suggestions are always welcome.

Cooperation with other clubs

Albatross aims at cooperating with other aviation clubs. For example, excursions could be arranged with other clubs and Albatross can also act as a link to larger aviation or parachuting clubs to arrange courses.